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  Khamis Mushyat
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Apply1Clinical Director of Pediatrics Department 15/08/2022Pediatrics Department  04/09/2022
Apply2Deputy of Clinical Director of Pediatrics Department 15/08/2022Pediatrics Department 10/09/2022
Apply3Head of Oral Medicine Unit 15/08/2022Dental Center 04/09/2022
Apply4Head of Respiratory Therapy Department15/08/2022Respiratory Department 04/09/2022
Apply5Deputy of Dental Center Director 15/08/2022Dental Center 04/09/2022
Apply6Head of Dental Laboratory 15/08/2022Dental Center 10/09/2022
Apply7Deputy of Clinical Director of Surgical Departments 15/08/2022Surgical Departments 04/09/2022
Apply8Deputy Head of Dermatology Department 15/08/2022Dermatology Department 04/09/2022
Apply9Deputy Head of Urology Department 15/08/2022Urology Department 04/09/2022
Apply10Deputy of Clinical Director of Medicine Department 15/08/2022Medicine Department 04/09/2022
Apply11Head of Infectious Disease Unit 15/08/2022Medicine Department 04/09/2022
Apply12Deputy Head of Anesthesia Department15/08/2022Anesthesia Department 04/09/2022
Apply13Head of Nutrition and Dietetics Department 29/08/2022Nutrition and Dietetics Department 10/09/2022
Apply14Deputy Head of Urology Department14/09/2022Urology Department 16/09/2022